The Genetics Division at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is staffed by a Board-certified Medical Geneticist and Board-certified licensed Genetic Counselors who provide a full range of genetic services, including testing, diagnosis, treatment and counseling of pediatric and adult patients who have concerns about genetic disorders. 

To schedule an appointment, please call (973) 754-4200

Pediatric Genetic services are available for families who have a child with a learning disability, developmental delay, birth defect(s), physical disability, or a suspected genetic condition. Cancer genetic counseling is offered to those with a personal or family history of cancer and who are concerned about their risk for a secondary cancer or the risk for cancer in other family members. 

Adult genetic services are available for adults with a suspected or known genetic condition, birth defect or disability who are seeking diagnosis, further medical information, aid in medical management or answers to questions about the risks for their children. 

We provide prenatal genetic counseling for individuals who are currently pregnant or planning a pregnancy who, either through pregnancy history, family history, age, blood work or fetal ultrasound, might be at an increased risk for having a child with a birth defect, mental retardation or genetic condition.

Programs and Services

• The Prader-Willi Center 
• The Neurofibromatosis Center 
• Our World, The Palestroni Center for Genetic Conditions 
• Lysosomal Storage Disease Infusion Program
• The Turner Syndrome Clinic 
• Neurogenetics Clinic

Appointments: 973.754.2727
Referral/Fax: 973.754.4521 

Punita Gupta, MD, Chief, Genetics 
Leah Fried, MS, LCGC, Genetic Counselor
Lorien King, MS, LCGG, Clinical Coordinator
Scarlyn Morel, Division Secretary

Other SubSpecialties