Prader-Will Center

The Prader-Willi Center provides multidisciplinary outpatient care for children and adolescents with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The center offers the services of endocrinologists, geneticists, nutritionists and developmental pediatricians as well as other necessary healthcare providers.

The Center provides comprehensive services including:
• Confirmation of diagnosis
• Ongoing physical assessments
• Monitoring of growth and development
• Dietary evaluations and counseling
• Developmental and educational evaluations
• Endocrine testing and treatment (growth hormone therapy, thyroid and glucose screening)
• Genetic counseling
• Patient and family education and support
• Consultations with pediatric psychologists

Contact Information
Phone: 973.754.4503
Fax: 973.754.4521

Punita Gupta, MD, Medical Director
Katerina Harwood, MD – Pediatric Endocrinologist
Nancy Holahan, MD – Pediatric Developmental Specialist
Lorien King, MS, LCGC, Coordinator
Evelyn Lozado-Sipe, LCSW, Social Worker
Heather Russell, Nutritionist

Other SubSpecialties