The Center for Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing

Why Choose the Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Center

The Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Center provides a unique, methodical, and multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment for pediatric feeding and swallowing. It is designed to focus on the medical, motor, and learned patterns that often accompany this dysfunction.

Our world renowned multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists provide consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for patients with pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders as well as education and support for their family.

We recognize that pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders are different because of their immediate impact on the parent child bonding and early life experiences. Pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders affect the entire family, we treat and work with the family, our approach to care is systemic. The Pediatric feeding and Swallowing Center founded in 2001 and hast treated pediatric patients and their families from

Our Family Centered Approach

  • All children are evaluated by the team where we listen to your personal story, your journey to the feeding center with your child.
  • Our evaluation includes listening to your complete medical and feeding histories.
  • Then our team observes, you the parent feeding your child. The team’s Speech Language Pathologist observes the meal and assess your child’s oral-motor skills and provides direct feedback to the parent.
  • The team’s Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) observes the meal to identify any environmental factors that might be contributing to any undesirable mealtime behaviors.
  • Your child is given a complete motor examination by the teams Occupational or Physical Therapist to identify motor or seating issues that could be contributing to the mealtime difficulties.
  • A list of factors that are interfering with feeding success or progress are identified, and a stepwise management plan is devised.
  • Together we develop an individualized treatment plan that includes caring for your child’s medical and surgical needs from birth until age 21.
  • Case management of your child’s care includes working together, with you and your family’s doctor, to coordinate your child’s care.
  • Most children are followed at the Center on an outpatient basis. This may include interventions here at the Center with training of the family and community therapists to continue the child’s program in their natural environment.
  • Children who require more intensive interventions will be referred to the Day Treatment program.